Alima Nowhera Shaikh, Managing Director, Heera Group of Companies
Vs Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament

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  • Qualifications: Alima

President and Founder of  M.N.I.J. Urdu and Arabic Development Society, Tirupati (Registration no. 386)

Founder and Principal of JNAS - An Arabic and Urdu college imparting education to 300 girls with boarding and lodging facilities. The girls also give their std X examination simultaneously.

President of At-Tawheed Dawah Center for Women, Mumbai (Registration no. 23520) - an organisation providing education to Women

Designed a 20-month Distance Education Course for Women, offered by the At-Tawheed Dawah Center for Women to empower women

Delieverd thousands of lectures on various topics of Islam in various cities and villages of India, and various cities of KSA and UAE to make women aware about thier rights under the Islamic Shariah

Specialist in Hijama treatment (Cupping) - to relieve people from chronic diseases which do not have cure in allopathy

Last but not the least - Managing Director of Heera Group of Companies, ( - To finance her various social activities she started Heera Group of companies. God has given her tremenous success in her business ventures and her company is registered in India, Ghana, UAE, China and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.