Alima Nowhera Shaikh, Managing Director, Heera Group of Companies
Vs Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament

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Asaduddin Owaisi, Member of Parliament, files a false FIR against Ms Nowhera Shaikh, MD, Heera Group of Companies

Mr Asaduddin Owaisi has filed a false FIR on 14th August 2012 to blackmail Ms Nowhera Shaikh, Managing Director of  Heera Group of companies ( He has asked her to give Rs 5 crore or face arrest based on the false FIR which he pressurised the Hyderabad police to register.

When you go through the FIR you will notice that the basis of registering the FIR is an advertisement of the company appearing in Siasat newspaper dated 12th April 2012   

The place of the crime is mentioned as Advertisement…How can an ad be a place of occurrence of any crime.Before filing the FIR, on 4th August 2012, he sent 2 constables to the company office and they took away company documents without any search warrant, while the Managing Director, Mrs Nowhera Shaikh, was not in town. This has been recorded in the company’s CCTV. When she approached the police, they apologised for the trespass.

When this did not work, Mr Asaduddin filed the FIR to pressurise her to give Rs 5 crores. He even made 20-25 people to make threatening calls to her.

All the vague allegations mentioned in the FIR can be very easily refuted by documentary evidence that we have.

A surprising fact is that his own paper Ittemad had published an article praising the company on 13th August 2012 on page 3, a day before the false FIR was lodged.

The advertisement on the basis of which the FIR is filed

English translation of the Siasat Ad of 12/4/12 - The basis of the FIR.